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Living Smart: Know Your Consumer Rights with Dr. Myron Bernstein

Living Smart: Know Your Consumer Rights with Dr. Myron Bernstein

Posted on 05 February 2010 by Michelle Reed

Dr. Myron Bernstein, a Doctor of Podiatry is also a consumer advocate and author. In his bookHave You Been Royally Screwed?, he teaches individuals how to become smart consumers. Bernstein has found, over the past 35 years, himself frustrated with people and companies selling him a bill of goods about their services and warranties. Bernstein understands now how to use the consumer protection agencies, insurance commissions and courts, when necessary, to get people and companies to perform. Dr. Bernstein asserts that the strength of the consumer lies in their power to choose to do business with a company. He believes that it is not until more consumers take action against large companies, that they will stop taking advantage of their silence. This firm mindset is what compels Bernstein to stand for his rights, no matter the size of the company in question.

This episodes’ Green Tip features Chris Powers, the founder of Houston Biodiesel, the first Biodiesel pump in Houston.

To learn more about Dr. Bernstein and consumer rights as well as Chris Powers and Houston Biodiesel, visit the Living Smart webpage here.

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