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Global Warming

Posted on 29 September 2011 by Ashley Mancha

When do I need to toss out my wool sweaters?  While most scientists agree that climate change is particularly due to human activities, it is important for us to remember that scientists are always testing and retesting their hypotheses as the climate changes.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, “there is no doubt that climate will continue to change throughout the 21st century and beyond, but there are still important questions regarding how large and how fast these changes will be, and what effects they will have in different regions.”

Even if not all of us are scientists, we know that the weather is changing. For example, Texas, a state experienced with plenty of rain is now experiencing record breaking weather: droughts, temperatures in the 100s and a breakout of wildfires. The East Coast on the other hand is suffering from too much rain. Recently, Hurricane Irene was the first hurricane to make landfall in New Jersey since 1903. 1903! Well over a century ago!

But let’s go back to Texas. Texas’ governor and running mate for the Republican presidential ticket, Rick Perry, does not believe in global warming. He has made it very clear that we humans are not contributing to global warming. He also thinks that “a substantial number of scientists…have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects.”





Global warming, a scientific phenomenon has become very much a political issue. Ultimately, it will and does affect us all because we live on this planet, breathe the same air and share the same moon and sun.

Here are some basic things you can do to make a difference. Whether you believe global warming is caused by man or not. Something major is happening to our climate and there are things you can do protect the environment.  According to here are some things you  can do to help:

  • Change an incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb. CFLs use 60% less energy, which will save about 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year (and our energy bill!)
  • Cover your pots while cooking. They save a great amount of energy while preparing your meals
  • Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full
  • Recycle. You can save around 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide a year by recycling.
  • Purchase a plastic water bottle and reuse it. The packaged water bottles we buy at the stores aren’t any good-plus how purified is their water? If we fill up at home, we know our water is clean
  • Reuse shopping bags. Many places sell bags at a convenient price. You can tote them from store to store. Some places even give you a discount if you use these bags

Even if you don’t believe in global warming, you can benefit from using these tips- that can also save you some money.

If you are interested in this topic. Here are more articles on the subject.

Why we should care

By Kristen Khalaf and Patricia Gras

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Ashley Mancha Says:

    Global Warming is a great topic, as there has been significant climate changes not at all similar to the weather Texas has had for years. Texas has been experiencing droughts and forest wildfires. This is completely out of Houston climate’s character being that Houston is known for its muggy, almost tropical conditions especially during hurricane season. Texas is usually threatened with at least one hurricane per hurricane season and there has been absolutely no threat this time around at all. Now, with places like new york and New Jersey being hit with a major category 5 hurricane, we should all have something to worry about.

  2. Esti Garcia Says:

    It is true that our planet is constantly changing. Example are the Great Ice age, and Egypt was not always all desert. But these changes are occurring at an outstanding rate. The rapid change in climate has to do so much with human activity.Its affecting all beings great and small. Thanks for the eco-friendly tips Patti and Kristen :) Lets take the time to consider these tips and put them in use. Every little effort can make a big difference.

  3. Hiren Joshi Says:

    Global Warming is such a prevalent issue these days not just in basic conversation, but politically and economically as well. Rick Perry has struck a nerve with many people when he disregarded scientific theories based on Global Warming, but I do think most believe it does make sense to believe that the worlds climate is changing, and the people living in this world are causing most of that change. We have seen natural disasters dominate this year, and even though it is out of our control what mother nature brings us, we can still do our part to make sure the environment we live in, is safe and sustainable for future generations.

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